Helpful Content

Informational articles, videos, recipes, education, local services, exercises and much more.

Your users can access a catalogue of personalised content shared by the healthcare professional. This content is in the form of articles, videos, recipes, structured education, local services, and exercises, depending on their health conditions and lifestyle preferences

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Behaviour Interventions

Goals, Challenges, Habits, Rewards, Achievements and much more

Your users can access a catalogue of personalised goals, challenges and habits. They can get rewards for each activity and task completed at either an individual or a group level.

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Personalised Care plans

Personalised support, reminders, nudges, tips, medication, actions and much more

The personalised plans of care and support created by the Healthcare professional can be shared with the patient to take care of themselves when they’re outside the clinic. This includes plans considering all aspects of diet, exercise, stress reduction, medication, screening and services – all based on the patients’ health conditions.

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User Feedback

Questionnaires, surveys, ratings and much more

Enough of writing and carrying papers around to give feedback or submit your medical records/preferences to your healthcare professional. Just with a short survey created by your doctor, you can easily provide all the information just at the snap of your fingers

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Progress Tracking

monitoring, tracking, wearables, personal metrics dashboard and much more

​Allows users to track their progress in terms of self-reported measures, data from wearable devices and information pulled from medical records. ​This facilitates visualisation of insights and builds motivation.

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Personalised products

recommended personalised products, services, consultations, tests and much more

Allows the patients to directly discover and purchase persoanlised products and services relevant to them from right within the app. You can also choose to offer other services from your Orgnaisation

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Real-time communication

instant messaging, text messages, emails, calls and much more

​Text, email, phone communications and Chat functionality which provides a tool for staff and patients to communicate, as well as patients to communicate with each other in a moderated and supported way. Chats also support Rich Text Media which means they can chat about recipes, videos or articles they have found useful.

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Provide your users with their own personalised mobile app to better understand and manage their health

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