Healum has a defined structure of the organisation led by the Founding members
– Senior management including CEO, CTO & Investors deal with strategic decisions
– Board members and Board of advisors deal in clinical decisions
– Employees look after their departments and report to the CEO and/or CTO
– Sub-contractors are project / task / time based and report directly to the CTO

Human Slavery
Healum ensures across its organisation and supply chain that there is no individual or sub-contractor engaged in human slavery. Healum ensures that all of its contracts with employees and sub-contractors contain statements that require them to declare that they are not engaged in human slavery activities, and will not be throughout the contract period; and that if they are found out doing so, the contract will be terminated with immediate effect.
Once a year the company will review our processes against the guidance for the Home office. Employees, where necessary are also trained on human slavery and The Modern Slavery Act 2015.