Healum Software and App for CVD prevention

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What is the need for the Healum software and app in CVD prevention?

Currently primary care teams are stretched beyond capacity. There is a need to empower patients identified at risk of CVD in a consistent, light touch way that utilises all of the resources and expertise within the PCN. Identified patients at risk of CVD need help to make healthy choices much earlier on in their journey of care, in order to reduce system pressure  and improve patient health outcomes.

What is the opportunity Healum are offering?

The EMIS-integrated Healum software and app has been procured by NHS England to aid healthcare professionals working in primary care to provide proactive personalised self-care support to patients diagnosed with, or identified at risk of CVD. This solution is already supported by evidence of improving health outcomes within a population of patients with Type 2 Diabetes.  


GP practices across London, Cheshire and Lancashire PCNs will be given the free opportunity to use this proven solution in their delivery of care. There are no additional or hidden costs to use the system, all costs are covered as part of the project funding.

What are the benefits of using the Healum software and App for CVD prevention?

Reduces resource and time pressure on staff

Remote patient monitoring services designed to enhance the efficiency of clinical teams and reduce unnecessary appointments.

Easier method for achieving QOF and IIF

Different functions of the Healum software and App allow provide an easy method to obtain PC01, HYP003 and HYP007 points.

Greater team efficiency and collaboration

Designed for use amongst multidisciplinary clinical teams in a variety of health and social care settings, to improve collaboration and continuity of care for patients.

Improved health outcomes for patients

By providing behaviour change support through plans of care and support patients are able to achieve larger reductions in blood pressure and BMI.

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Empowered patients that can manage their own health

The self management app gives patients the ability to educate themselves and focus on their goals and actions in their care plan to achieve their health goals.

What will your PCN or practice be able to use the Healum software and app to do?

Share educational health information and services

Make it easier for patients to learn about how to manage their condition by providing personalised multilingual education through the mobile app.

Help your patients to cut through the noise with relevant trusted information about managing their condition by accessing videos, articles, exercises, recipes and information about local services through the mobile app. Enable staff working in your healthcare organisation to send out relevant information after and in between appointments so that patients can access and remember the advice you gave them wherever and whenever they want. Enable newly diagnosed patients to learn about their condition and the choices open to them.

Provide patients with app access

Enable patients to view test results, educational content and self management tools through the app, to build their motivation to make healthy choices at the moments that matter in managing their health.

Patients can quickly access their test results directly from their GP, view eductional content and local services and use the self management tools to set up a combination of goals and actions as part of a daily routine to achieve the health outcomes that matter to them.

Easily create digital Care Plans

Enable patients to achieve the health outcomes that matter to them, through their personalised plan of care and support, accessible on the mobile app.

Enable healthcare professionals to create care plans that can be shared with patients directly through the Healum app. Patients can access and use the plan of care and support in order to plan their dietary and lifestyle choices, manage their medical treatment and remind them to take their medication. Daily goals, actions, reminders and supportive resources support patient self-motivation to achieve the outcomes that matter to them.

Set up automated reminders and notifications

Set up automated reminders and notifications of new relevant content to keep patients engaged in their health, as well as medication reminders.

In-app notifications and reminders hold patients accountable to themselves, whilst reminding them of their daily or weekly actions, either set by themselves or inputted by a healthcare professional in their digital care plan.

Gain insights into patient progress

Provide patients with the ability to track their health through the mobile app which healthcare professionals can also view.

The Healum mobile app provides patients with a single view of all of the health metrics that matter to them most when managing their health. Patients’ health related data including blood pressure, progress against their goals, daily activity levels and their mood can all be tracked from within the Healum mobile app. Health insights from the data can be visualised from within the app to help patients build their motivation by seeing the impact of their effort. Healthcare professionals can access all this patient data directly in the Healum software.

What happens next if you are interested?

If you would like to register your interest, please click the button below to fill in a form and someone from Healum will be in touch. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How has this product been tailored for CVD prevention?

  • The library of educational content has been curated to contain a selection of articles, videos, exercises, recipes, local services and places (e.g. parks) relevant to patients who are at risk of, or already managing, CVD. 
  • The ability for patients to track blood pressure has been developed in the mobile app, which allows healthcare professionals to remotely track patients’ blood pressure.


What will my practice/PCN have to do?

As part of this opportunity, we ask each practice to complete the following commitments: 

  1. Practice manager to read and sign the Healum software and service agreement
  2. Practice manager to sign the EMIS data sharing agreement when installing Healum in EMIS
  3. Each member of relevant staff will attend training which will last approximately 1 hour (either face to face or virtually)
  4. Practice staff using the software to attend one meeting with Healum, one month after training
  5. Practice staff using the software to individually fill in a maximum of two, ten minute questionnaires (20 minutes in total)


Can I use Healum with patients who do not have a smartphone or access to the internet?

  • Not currently, but there may be a feature to be able to print out care plans in the future


If a PCN wanted to invite all practices to join, is that one licence or multiple?

  • This would require multiple licences


Is there a limit on how many patients I can sign up?

  • No, once you have the software set up you can use it with as many patients as you would like to. Healum encourages use with as many patients as possible.


What are we asking patients to do?

  • All patients are expected to do is use the app as they wish to


How will the product develop whilst I am using it?

  • There are some additional functions and features which are being developed and are planned to be released into the product within the next year, these include:
    • Dashboard showing insights around patient self-care and outcomes
    • Insights from other healthcare professionals on optimal self-care strategies for patients
    • Ability to share learning around optimal clinical and non-clinical options
    • Solutions for medication compliance and concordance
    • Identify undetected hypertension through remote monitoring
    • Gain patient feedback and results through patient surveys
    • Additional time saving automations


What happens with the patient access after the contract expires? 

  • If your local NHS Integrated Care Board has chosen to fund the licensing of the Healum software and app product; then once the trial has ended patients will be able to continue using the app as normal. 
  • In the circumstance where your your local NHS Integrated Care Board has chosen not to fund the licensing of the Healum software and app product, then patients will be able to view and discover content and services and to input, update and track your health goals, but they will not continue to receive content that has been sent directly from your GP practice as part of their plan of care and support. They will also be unable to see any new test results in the app. All past data that has been put into the app during the study period including goals, blood test results and other actions and resources in your care plan that either they or their GP Practice has selected during the study period will continue to be available.