Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit

Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit

Healum was fortunate to be a part of the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit London 2018

Healum was delighted to be invited to exhibit at the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit organised in London on Sept 20-21, 2018. The conference was focused on driving advancements in healthcare, medical research, diagnostics as well as increasing efficiency and accessibility in the healthcare sector.

The conference witnessed 200+ attendees all across Europe and USA.

The morning of Day 1 started with fantastic conversations with Maithra Raghu from Google Brain who addressed the challenges in the practice of medicine and machine learning, which include the stark contrast in opinions of highly trained experts, with some examples of patient image scans being highlighted.

The afternoon brought together yet more interesting discussions through workshops catered on ethical use of AI and data driven tools for disease prognosis and drug discovery.

Day 2 of the conference was focused on digital health-tech startups using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The afternoon ended with great interesting talks by investors like Parker Moss and Frederic Lardieg giving young entrepreneurs about raising investment in the digital healthcare space.

Throughout the conference, Healum exhibit witnessed lots of clinicians and tech developers interested in the technology and wanting to collaborate. Checkout here how our AI system works.