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Join our research community to help end the suffering from chronic disease

Be part of an ambitious research community dedicated to giving people that suffer from long term conditions a say in developing personalised approaches to living healthier and happier lives using ground-breaking digital technology. We invite anyone living with a long-term condition to be part of our community. 

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Benefits of being involved

Our research community will give you a say in the direction of our research into how technology such as apps and artificial intelligence can be used to improve people’s lives in a way that respects the rights of people to control exactly how their information should be used.


You will have the option to join studies designed to expand the information that people living with and caring for people with long term conditions need ,in order improve lives and treatment choices for millions of other people in a way that matters to them. 


Joining the studies will provide you with access to services that have been designed to make it easier to manage your health, to get advice from healthcare professionals and to connect with other people from the community that have similar challenges to you and are keen to share what works best

What to expect

To support people in our community to understand the health choices that work best for people most similar to them, we need the world’s best technology to analyse and share the health treatments, lifestyle choices and lived experiences that have worked best from a large diverse set of people. Whether on a phone, tablet, or laptop, the technology that we will study will make it easier for you to manage your health, from wherever you are, in a way that gives you full control over how your data is used and full transparency around the discoveries it leads to. The community will encourage dialogue around how information and technology can be used in an ethical, effective and safe way. If you are someone that has a long term condition that wants to help and support healthcare professionals and healthcare researchers to make discoveries that can improve lives, whilst getting access to digital services and support then sign-up to register your interest. 


When you join the community we will email you back to explain the aims of the community, how we will enable you to shape the direction of the research that our community supports, the studies that we will be offering and the kind of benefits that they are intended to offer.  

Giving you control in how you contribute

Our ethos is to always ensure that people’s contributions to our research community are respected and that anyone choosing to join any of the community studies has full control and visibility of exactly how their health data will be used, for how long and in what way. We will never sell, rent, or lease your information. Everything you tell us is private and will only be used to provide healthcare researchers with smarter intelligence around what treatments, lifestyle approaches and medications work for different types of people from across our community.

Making a difference to the lives of people with long term conditions

Everything we know about how to stay healthy comes from sharing conclusions from research. For people with one or many long term conditions it is incredibly hard to understand what works best to make people live healthy and happy in the way that they want. There is a role for artificial intelligence to help understand the many complex choices that people make each day, but that can and should only work if people who are being part of those studies are in complete control of how information about them is used and can chose exactly how that information is used and by who. 


If you join our community you can be part of shaping a future where human beings can control the way that we use technology to improve healthcare and we will give you the opportunity to contribute as much or as little as you like. Be a part of something big: join our community to help us expand the information we know about how to improve the quality of people’s lives in a way that respects people’s right to choose what they share, with who and when.

We can’t do this without you.
Your contribution is valuable. We strongly believe that, every bit of data brings us closer to saving lives.

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