Personalised patient education

Improve patient outcomes using Healum's programme of self management articles and videos, selected to improve patient knowledge and understanding of how to manage their long term condition

The software will enable your staff to educate your patients in how to manage their condition in a convenient, cost effective way. The Healum software contains a health resource database of patient facing information, health articles, health videos and relevant health services. These health resources have been put together in a series of customisable patient education programmes that cover patients with more than one long term condition. It takes less than 30 seconds to find the most appropriate programm of customisable patient facing content to send to patients through text, email or through their app. Several major long term conditions are covered including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, mental health issues, chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, autoimmune diseases, asthma, COPD. If you don’t see a condition let us know and we will curate content for you. If you are a commissioner in the NHS or in any other system, you can use this feature to ensure that all staff members across your Integrated Care System, GP Federation, Primary care Network or GP practice, have access to personalised patient education that is quick to implement, easy to use and effective in its outcomes. As well as using Healum’s database of curated content from a range of approved sources like NHS Choices, recipe databases and other voluntary organisations, that have health content that meets the QISMET standards, you can easily upload and create content to use within the database.

Personalised Patient care planning

Improve consistency in clinical decision making and and improve health outcomes by delivering personalised digital care and support plans for patients

The software will enable your staff to create personalised plans of care and support as part of a smart clinical pathway for patients with one or multiple long term conditions. These personalised care plans can be shared with patients via SMS, email or through the Healum app. Staff working in your healthcare organisation can use the software to input patient objectives and goals, and to assemble the daily set of actions, helpful resources and relevant health and wellbeing services for your patients to access whenever and wherever they are on the mobile app. The software will provide smart recommendations for each patient based on what has been selected for other patients with similar profiles. Access this tool within your existing EHR System and discover how personalised care plans can motivate patients to manage their health in a way that eases pressure on your staff.

Behaviour change and medication adherence

Provide patients with self-care support to make healthy choices in their daily lives and reminders for medication and screening

Use the Healum suite of digital self-management and behaviour change tools to enable your patients to motivate themselves to make healthy choices as part of their daily lives. The software includes goals, challenges, habits, rewards, achievements, reminders and patient communities. This module is useful for any healthcare provider that wants to improve medication adherence or to encourage the adoption of healthy behaviours each day. Relevant for services providing weight management support, smoking cessation, addiction and diabetes prevention. Enable your staff to quickly and easily share a set of personalised goals, challenges, habits and rewards for each participant at an individual or a group level as part of a care and support plan that they can access at anytime and in any location through the Healum mobile app.

Patient surveys and questionnaires

Customisable patient form-fill to improve follow up care, patient triage and patient research via the patient facing app or over email

The Healum software has been designed to support all of your patient form filling needs. It enables your staff to easily create your own forms, questionnaires and surveys, or to use Healum’s catalogue that covers the most common use cases for healthcare providers. Forms, questionnaires and surveys can be shared via email, text or appear in the app. They can also be printed off. Your patients can fill forms, questionnaires and surveys in whatever way they want, with outputs being stored in the Healum software or written back into their care record. Enable your staff to capture patient and participant information before their treatment and to gain insightful feedback on their treatment, care and support. Teams can collaborate on responses received from patients and participants in real-time, gain insights and respond with appropriate actions to resolve issues and improve care and support.

Patient outcomes manager

Manage health outcomes and delivery of care for each patient in the way that matters to them. Organise the setup, reporting and data management for the delivery of personalised care for patients.

This module is the hub for organising and reporting information about your patient users. It supports interoperable connectivity with all major electronic health records systems . Easily bulk import your database of users; and create, modify or delete user profiles. Enable your staff to capture the health outcomes that matter to each patient, to manage the biomarkers, metrics and health outcomes data that are relevant for the delivery of their personalised care and to setup the suite of digital services that will be offered to each patient to support their personalised care journey.

Patient Monitoring and Analytics

Improve clinical workflow by monitoring and understanding patients behaviour and health remotely to support care at home

This patient monitoring and analytics module will enable your staff to access all of the data that your patients have consented to share with you from across the Healum product. The real-time dashboard displays data coming from patient medical records, from patient self-monitoring in the app, from data coming from connectivity with specific wearables and devices and from other customisable data sources that you or your patients want to add in order to understand the fullest picture of their health and wellbeing. This module provides your team with insights into patient health and behaviour that can be used to provide that patient with personal recommendations based on a better understanding of their health as part of remote or face to face consultations, in order to free up clinical capacity and improve the experience for your patients whether that be making them feel more heard and understood during routine appointments or enabling them to conveniently attend appointments at home.

Patient population health

Reduce health inequalities by using population insights designed to improve the understanding of determinants of health for patients in diverse communities

This module is appropriate for any healthcare organisation that wants to improve access to personalised care and support for people with one or multiple long term conditions within their population. Patient population analytics and insights in the healum software enables healthcare providers and healthcare systems to understand the impact of medical and non-medical interventions on patient outcomes, patient activation and patient quality of life for patients from different socioeconomic groups and different ethnic backgrounds. The insights can be aggregated at a provider or population level. Healum’s AI powered decision support networked intelligence module can be used in combination with this to surface and share conclusions from the impact of personalised health strategies and the wider determinants of health at the population level. Within the population health module your teams will be able to view the combination of treatments, medication and non-clinical interventions as part of a pathway of care and support for patients with one or multiple long term conditions based on what has been recommended and improved outcomes for other similar patients for different patient groups.

Patient Communication

Improve patient communication and clinical workflow through instant messaging, chats, text messages, emails, and personalised patient letters.

Healthcare providers can utilise a suite of communications tools that enable you to easily communicate with diverse groups of participants including instant messaging chat, text messages, email and telehealth communications.

Multidisciplinary teams

Improve clinical workflow and clinical efficiencies by providing multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals working in your organisation with collaborative software for patient management

This module suits any healthcare provider that has staff working in different clinical and non-clinical functions that all have a role to play in the delivery of personalised patient care and support across the care pathway for patients with one or multiple long term conditions. Enable groups of healthcare professionals working across your Integrated care system, GP Federation or Primary Care Network to work together in order to cocreate plans of education, care and support for patients with one or multiple long term conditions. Administrators can easily create, modify and update teams of healthcare professionals assigned to each patient’s pathway. They are able to assign tasks, authorise access and audit usage and outputs across the multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals working in your organisation.

Decision support networked intelligence

Improve the confidence in recommendations to patients using Healums decision support network module. Find out what other healthcare professionals have recommended to patients with a similar set of conditions and symptoms from similar backgrounds and what those outcomes have been.

This module suits any healthcare provider that wants to provide medical and self-care recommendations for patients with one or multiple long term conditions from any geographical location or ethnic community. This module uses Healums peer-Learning algorithm to surface and share the optimal set of options for each patient based on what other healthcare professionals have recommended and the outcomes that those patients have experienced. The software will enable your teams to see recommendations for patient education content, medication, statutory treatment, non-statutory treatment, programmes of self-care, and behaviour change interventions. This module will provide your teams with clinical intelligence derived from machine learning algorithms that have been applied to the treatment and outcomes data from the network of clinical peers that also use the software. This function will help your teams to effectively access thousands of second opinions on demand.

Referral Management

Effective management of inbound and outbound referrals in a way that is flexible, effective and secure, and supports digital pathways of care

This module is designed for any provider that wants to enable digital pathways of care and to free up clinical and staff time. The module provides a flexible and comprehensive solution to efficient referral management. It is designed to integrate with any existing system to support automated clinical workflow processes when delivering personalised digitised models of care to patients. Use this module to manage and prioritise changing demand and to direct patients to the most appropriate care services.

Patient appointments

Manage patient appointments, bookings or classes in an efficient way that is connected to your patients online calendar.

This module is relevant for any healthcare provider that wants an integrated patient appointment solution that supports remote and in person appointments in a way that reduces patient no-show or missed appointments. Relevant for both healthcare organisations that work at a systems level and offer patients services across a range of health and wellbeing providers, or for single healthcare providers. Enable patients to book a range of appointments, online classes and bookings that are directly linked to their existing inline calendars or the calendars in the Healum mobile app. Set up notifications and alerts to maximise attendance. whether that be appointments within your organisation or across multiple health and wellbeing organisations Healthcare providers can easily take appointments and bookings from their patient users across multiple time slots and assign these to different team members. Staff can easily manage and integrate their calendars. Enable managers to plan capacity and unused hours across teams of in-clinic and remote staff.

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