User Management

support, recommend, personalise, real-time updates and insights, quick actions, reporting and much more

This module is the hub for organising information about your users. Easily bulk import your database of users; and create, modify or delete user profiles.  Collaborate with your team and personalise care based on the user profile, access key bio-markers and metrics and report on health outcomes. 

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Team Management

collaborate, authorise, auditing, capacity planning, task management and much more

This module enables multi-disciplinary teams of staff members to efficiently collaborate and provide integrated care and support. Easily create, modify and update teams, assign tasks, authorise access, audit usage across combinations of multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals.

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Helpful Content

Informative articles, videos, recipes, education, local services, exercises and much more.

Your staff can access catalogue of articles, videos, recipes, structured education, local services, and exercises to share with your users. Easily create your own, use Healum’s catalogue or  curated content from a range of approved sources like NHS Choices, recipe databases and other voluntary organisations, that meet the QISMET and TIS standard.

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Behaviour Interventions

Goals, challenges, habits, rewards, achievements, reminders, community and much more

​Your staff can create and share a set of personalised goals, challenges, habits and rewards for each participant at an individual or a group level. Easily create your own personalised behaviour change interventions or use Healum’s catalogue of evidence backed behaviour change interventions. 

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Personalised Care plans

Personalised support, reminders, nudges, tips, medication, actions and much more

Healthcare providers can create personalised plans of care and support that include diet, exercise, stress reduction, medication, screening and services. Easily digitise your existing care pathways or use plans from Healum’s catalogue of care plans. Your team can collaboratively create and share plans with their participants.

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User Feedback

Questionnaires, surveys, ratings and much more

Your staff can gain insightful feedback from patients and participants on their treatment, care and support. Easily create your own questionnaires and surveys or use Healum’s catalogue of standard surveys and questionnaires. Teams can collaborate on responses received from patients and participants in real-time, gain insights and respond with appropriate actions to resolve issues and improve care and support. 

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Metrics Tracking and Reporting

monitoring, tracking, wearables, user specific metrics dashboard, reporting and much more

With the consent of your users healthcare providers track and visualise health progress in a real-time dashboard that includes self-reported measures, data from wearable devices and information pulled from your existing health record system. Easily access user specific actions, send reminders or save note and tasks. 

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Personalised Services

products, local services, local service providers, in-house services and much more

Healthcare providers can easily recommend different products and local services to their patients that they think may be helpful to the patient. Private healthcare providers can also personalise other helpful products and services for their users

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Real-time Communication

Instant messaging, chats, text messages, emails, calls and much more

Healthcare providers can utilise a suite of communications tools that enable you to easily communicate with diverse groups of participants including instant messaging chat, text messages, email and telehealth communications.

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Referral Management

New referrals, communication, service matching, tracking, reporting and much more

Healthcare providers can easily track progress of new users. Easily allows teams to assign care navigators, manage capacity, improve completion rates and reduce processing times. Manage inbound and outbound referrals to a local service and track the progress.

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Health Marketing Suite

Newsletters, communication campaigns, messaging, bulk reminders, bulk notifications and much more

Healthcare providers can utilise a suite of communications tools that enable them to run regular newsletters, run communication campaigns to improve patient engagement, send out bulk reminders and notifications through emails, text messages or instant messaging. 

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Appointments and Bookings

Appointments, calendars, bookings, events, reminders and much more

Healthcare providers can easily take appointments and bookings from their users by creating team specific booking slots. Staff can easily manage and integrate their calendars. Managers can plan capacity and unused hours across the team.

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