Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

AI powered collaborative software for healthcare professionals to deliver personalised care and support for people with long term conditions
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Collaboration and co-creation is in our DNA. We take a consultative approach to solutions. Find out how we can help you. 

For Healthcare Professionals

We provide healthcare professionals with cloud based collaborative software that enables them to support and motivate their patients to better manage their conditions by utilising data driven insights, evidence backed behavioural interventions and personalised interventions using Artificial Intelligence.

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software dashboard for health professionals

For People with long term conditions

We provide digital services to people with long term conditions that enable them monitor and understand their physical and mental health, and to access personalised services and content that support them; to make the daily choices needed to better manage their long term condition.

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Lower Costs

Lower costs to develop your own white labelled solution to increase revenue and save time

Easy to implement

User-friendly and easy to implement across all teams and no need to train staff members

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Deploy the solution across teams of dieticians, nutritionists, surgeons, nurses and managerial staff

AI based insights

Healthcare professional focused machine algorithm deployed for personalised care plans for your patients – all using SNOMED codes

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