Powering personalised patient choice

Healum is an AI powered patient management system that enables healthcare providers to deliver personalised care and support for patients to proactively and remotely manage their health.
We make it easier for people to take control of their health in partnership with healthcare professionals who can help them live healthier, happier lives.
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Software for Healthcare Professionals

Our smart patient management system and cloud based interoperable software connects teams of healthcare professionals with their patients to deliver remote personalised care and support. It enables healthcare professionals to ease pressure on their workforce, improve clinical efficiencies and improve health outcomes by motivating patients to manage their health in a supported way.

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software dashboard for health professionals

Patient facing apps

Our patient management apps empower people with long term conditions to understand and manage all of their health choices. They support people to manage their health and to develop healthy behaviours in partnership with the healthcare professionals that deliver their care. Patients use our apps to monitor their physical and mental health, and to access personalised health plans in order to improve their health outcomes and their quality of life in the way that they want.

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Efficient remote care

Remote patient monitoring services tailored to any budget, and designed to enhance the efficiency of clinical teams and reduce unnecessary appointments

Easy to implement

Interoperable with all EHRs, with minimal setup effort required and on hand training and support to get started

Improves clinical workflow

Designed for use amongst multidisciplinary clinical teams in a variety of health and social care settings, to improve collaboration and continuity of care for patients

Real-time health insights

Aids healthcare professionals to understand patient self-care and adherence when they are outside of the clinical environment, in order to improve patient self-management

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