Clinical decision support tools trained by clinicians

Clinical decision support tools trained by clinicians

The clinical options that are presented in the patient management software are crowdsourced from consenting clinical and patient users that are using Healums software and apps. Machine learning techniques applied to this networked intelligence enable teams of healthcare and wellbeing professionals to understand the optimal set of clinical and self-management options for their patients with one or multiple long term conditions. These options are based on the treatment and self-care interventions that a network of peers have recommended. The machine learning algorithms learn from the outcomes that have been achieved for patients with different cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic circumstances as a result of the medical treatment  and non-medical interventions.

Information Governance and Security

Healum have implemented a number of technical and organisational controls to ensure and maintain the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data processed as part of the service. The Healum platform is hosted on secure UK based Google Cloud servers which undergo annual externally validated penetration testing to ensure any vulnerabilities are identified and addressed where necessary. Alongside this, Healum also complete the annual submission of the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT). All staff also undertake annual information governance training so they are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to handling patient data. Role based access controls are utilised internally within Healum, with only very limited and specific named individuals having access to any Personal Data of patients.

Healum have also appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to provide both advice and guidance on, and proactively monitor compliance against, UK Data Protection law. Healum actively seek the advice of the DPO before any processing commences to ensure a privacy by design and default approach is taken in regard to the use of Personal Data and build the recommendations of the DPO into new processing activities.

Ethical AI that puts healthcare professionals in control

The design and delivery of our backend AI technology adheres to the principles of openness, trust, consent, diversity, efficacy and safety as outlined in the NHS AI strategy and the Data Ethics Framework published by the UK government. Our approach has been to:
(1) Ensure that the wisdom of healthcare professionals plays a part in training any machine learning algorithm
(2) Double down on our mission to provide personalised care and support planning to people from all diverse communities, that is free from algorithmic bias
(3) Only work with Trusted Research Environments that have appropriate governance processes when training and validating our machine learning models
(4) Include patients in our approach to AI research, to understand how to handle consent
(5) Rigorously follow NICE Evidence standards framework for digital interventions, NHSx ethical codes of practice for the development of AI technologies, and the recently published Transparency Standards for Algorithms

Interoperability and Connectivity with existing health systems

Healums platform has been built to support the full interoperability of its software and mobile apps. Its platform is hosted on secure servers that are compliant with ____ and connect to its products via a secure HSCN connection. Healum has built its system architecture to support FHIR standards for passing healthcare data between systems, and to support interoperability with EMIS, System One, Vision, Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Spine portal and local integrated care records. Our direct connection with EMIS has enabled healthcare professionals in primary care to access our software and connected apps conveniently and delivered innovative patient facing digital services that utilise data from EMIS Electronic Health Records.

Live learning network

Be part of the journey with us. Healum will be opening up a live learning AI network to healthcare professional stakeholders across primary, secondary, community and social care settings that want to provide smart care to their patients.. This network will enable us to incorporate the wisdom of many more healthcare professionals and patients in a safe and ethical way, so that we can improve the quality and access to personalised care, and support choices for more people with long-term conditions. If you are interested in finding out more then click here to register your interest.