Patient info and education

Make it easier for patients to learn about how to manage their condition by providing personalised information and education through the mobile app

Help your patients to cut through the noise with relevant trusted information about managing their condition by accessing videos, articles, exercises, recipes and information about local services through the mobile app. Enable staff working in your healthcare organisation to send out relevant information after and in between appointments so that patients can access and remember the advice you gave them wherever and whenever they want. Enable newly diagnosed patients to learn about their condition and the choices open to them.

Accountable Behaviour Change

Enable patients to build their motivation to make healthy choices at the moments that matter in managing their health through the mobile app

People with one or multiple long term conditions can set up a combination of goals, challenges and actions as part of a daily routine to achieve the health outcomes that matter to them. In-app notifications hold patients accountable to themselves, whilst a suite of rewards provide them with incentives and positive reinforcement in adopting healthy behaviours and adhering to their medication regimes. Community features and challenges provide social accountability and support in celebrating the efforts and achievements in making healthy choices and taking healthy actions each day.

Digital Care Plans

Enable patients to achieve the health outcomes that matter to them, through their personalised plan of care and support, accessible on the mobile app.

Enable patients to create, access and use a digital plan of care through their mobile app in order to plan their dietary and lifestyle choices, manage their medical treatment and remind them to take their medication.  Make it easier for patients to take ownership of their daily, weekly and monthly plans when they are outside of a clinical environment by giving them ownership and accessibility of their care plan. Daily goals, actions, reminders and supportive resources support patient self-motivation to achieve the outcomes that matter to them. All care plans are editable on the mobile app and can be shared back with healthcare professionals working in your organisation who can access those plans in the software for better remote management of care.

Patient form fill

Quicker and more convenient ways to fill forms and answer questionnaires delivered via the mobile app

Any set of questions can be delivered to patients in the mobile app or over email for them to fill in the details. These include surveys, pre-appointment forms and questionnaires. Improve completion rates and track responses in realtime.

Health tracking

Provide patients with the ability to track their health through the mobile app alongside actionable insights that improve their understanding

The Healum mobile app provides patients with a single view of all of the health metrics that matter to them most when managing their health. Data from their medical record, progress against their goals, daily activity levels and their mood can all be tracked from within the Healum mobile app. Patients can customise the data in their app to include data from wearable devices and share their data from the app back into other apps that they also use to manage their health. Health insights from the data can be visualised from within the app to help patients build their motivation by seeing the impact of their effort.

Health services on-demand

Make it easy for patients to access and book the set of services that are available to them in their area

Your patients can access the database of local services relevant to their long term condition or specific health need. Enable patients to find out more about relevant services, view ratings and book those services from straight within their mobile app. Booking data and access data provide your team with an understanding of the uptake of local services. Use this module to also share relevant products, tests and consultations from within the app to each of your patients.

Personalised Messaging and Communication

Enable patients to get more support at more moments that matter when trying to manage their health through in app messaging and video calling solutions

Instant messaging, SMS, email, and video calling services keeps patients connected to teams of healthcare professionals and a supportive community. The patient-facing app supports rich media formats that enable patients to build dialogue with their healthcare professionals and other members of their community around all the goals, challenges, videos, articles, recipes and surveys that are available in the app. Get instant answers to health questions when they are needed

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