Healum Tier 2 Adult Weight Management App

What is the Healum Tier 2 Adult Weight Management App?

The app focuses on supporting patients to make healthy choices and to lose weight. Individuals are prompted to measure their weight each week and are supported to work towards a 5% weight loss goal.


Who is it for

✓ People that want to lose weight

✓ Aged over 16 with a BMI ≥ 30 kg.m² or ≥28 with comorbidities

✓ Living within Birmingham


What patients can expect through the app

  • Access to a 12 week multicomponent diet and lifestyle plan delivered through the app
  • Ongoing access to educational resources and a directory of local services that enable them to make healthy choices and lose weight
  • Self management tools including goal setting, action planning, and progress tracking.
  • 12 weeks support and accountability through the app
  • The ability to track and measure their progress including the ability to measure their weight.


Benefits for patients

  • Convenience in accessing the programme wherever and whenever they are through their app.
  • Increased motivation, personal accountability and support
  • Support on how to achieve their health and weight loss goals through personalised plans of goals, content and services.


Next steps

If you have sent us a referral we will be reviewing the referral form shortly and then emailing your patient with an invite for them to enrol in the tier 2 weight management programme by downloading the app.